Vapid Media

Vapid Media is all about storytelling. We are in interested in telling stories from all over the world, with previous projects spanning continents. What excites us is creating a platform for others who may not be heard so often or shedding light on the more obscure. Projects have included building a locative narrative in Sápmi (Lapland) using local mythologies, making a zine with 14 year old girls about Science and Technology and documenting a lab about Micropractice and Gender for the Zurich University of the Arts.

We started life as Vapid Kitten; The zine for the lazy feminist back in 2010 through a partnership between Betsy Lamborn and Anna Frew. Vapid Kitten ran for 8 issues, each of which had a physical and digital edition and followed a theme. The content ranged from illustration, poetry, photography and articles through to fiction. We are both Graphic Designers by background, as well as academic researchers and artists.

With each project we expand our small collective with other collaborators according to what the project needs. If you think we are the kind of people that could help you tell a story get in touch on

Betsy Lamborn

After completing her degree in Design and Art Direction, Betsy went on to complete her MFA in Storytelling at Konstfack in Stockholm. Betsy is now based in York in the UK where she works as a freelance artist.             

Anna Frew

Anna is currently studying a PhD in ‘Perceptive Media’ (using data to inform storytelling) at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University where she also works across the faculty as an Associate Lecturer.