Mapping Mythologies Report

Presentation in action

We’re back! (OK, we’ve actually been back for a while, but life got in the way of an update). Saxnäs was an amazing experience, aside from being the farthest north we’ve ever been, we got to meet some truly inspiring practitioners, working throughout Europe – you can read about our colleagues’ work here )

Unfortunately, the audioguide built on the Echoes app didn’t work – our best guess at why was the lack of mobile phone reception that far north. Instead we had to tweak our plan, describing rather than showing which is never ideal, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

So instead of walking while listening to stories, our audience stood and listened while looking out at the scenery.



Mapping Mythologies Project


We are delighted to be invited to the Winter Symposium in Saxnäs, Sápmi (Lapland) of the Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research group from the Nordic Summer University. Here we are going to be presenting a digital locative narrative set in the landscape of Saxnäs in March 9-12 2017.

The Winter Symposium is focussed upon the theme of ‘Legacy in Artistic Practice’. As Vapid Media we are concerned with stories as the glue that binds society together. As through stories, we are able to redress biases, to affirm collective ideals and pass on legacies. So, over the next few months we will be collecting stories and mythologies from the local area in both Swedish and Sami. We’ll also collect stories local to our own roots in the North of England in English.

Once we have these stories we will be recording audio performances of them and placing them in a digital map. The map, when accessed through an app will trigger the stories to play when you step into certain locations. Through this we want people to be able to experience stories connected to the landscape, within the landscape.

If you have a story you’d like to contribute, let us know! You can get us via Twitter on @wearevapid or leave a comment below.

Workshop 3 – Meeting the Scientists

Today we took a trip to the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology where we met some scientists working in different fields. We had a tour around one of the labs where we saw equipment and different experiments. Afterwards we interviewed the scientists and found out about what they did in their jobs, their career path, motivation and favorite things about technology and science were.

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We then spent the afternoon learning the basics in Illustrator by each making a cats face. Afterwards we created illustrations about what we heard about in the morning from the scientists.

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Workshop 2 – Choosing a Name

Today we each came up with a few names each and then took a vote to find the title of the zine. With a tie breaker on ‘Banter’ and ‘ In Another World’ Miss Roughley cast a deciding vote on the issue being called ‘In Another World’.

These were the other names we voted on:

  • Ze Fish
  • It’s a Zine
  • Blah Blah Blah
  • Manazine
  • Zine…
  • Randomiser
  • I Want Another Slice of Pizza
  • Old School
  • Zappy Zine
  • Cat Fish
  • Random Book
  • Chatter Box
  • Cats Like Fish
  • A Whole New World
  • Pink
  • Go Hard, or Go Home
  • UOM
  • Taking it Back to the Old School
  • This is Us
  • WIT
  • Strong Alone, Stronger Together
  • We are Gary
  • Geezeresses
  • In Another World
  • Hurricanne
  • People
  • Universe
  • Confidential
  • It’s Not Right but it’s Ok
  • Archies
  • Banter

Day One – Afternoon #Womenintech workshop

For the first part of the afternoon session we looked at basic tools in photoshop by creating our own lol cats. This included how to add text to an image and cut out and layer an image.

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For the second part of the session we created memes about what we thought about the ‘women in technology’.

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