Vapid contributor, Kate Alexander-Kirk is launching her new Literary journal today!

 ‘Two ladies, one from Boston and one from Glasgow, get together in a creative writing class in Glasgow and . . .’ Sound a bit like the beginning of a bad joke? Maybe, but it’s not! It’s actually the beginning of a new literary online journal. 

 This is how Zest came into being. We have since put our hearts into creating a space that is meant to be warm and inviting to readers and authors alike. Our aim is always to respect, listen to, care for and be amazed by all the authors, artists, and readers we have the pleasure of interacting with. 

 We are most interested in writing that puts us in awe, makes us envious, that makes us laugh, cry, and rage; that is comforting and familiar, that is risky and dangerous. 

 Welcome to our small corner of the literary journal world where we hope you will be refreshed, inspired, and energized to read, write, and create! 

 Kate & Amy 

We think it looks great! You can find out all about Zest here: www.zestlit.com


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