Hello All,

Most of you will not be surprised that we are once again trying out something new with zines! After the brilliant success of creating Issue 8 ‘collaboration’ over the course of one day with 45 lovely collaborators, we thought it was time to have another go at creating a zine together in new media.

So here’s the plan for our latest ezine venture: Editors of Vapid Kitten Betsy and Anna alongside regular co-conspirator Georgia will write an ezine together. One page for the zine will be created and then published on a blog every day, (here) alternately by the authors. Each page will be written/drawn in response to the last one, in pen and ink. This will go on for 21 days, whilst Betsy is cooking herself in the Caribbean. The zine will be loosely based around the authors having a conversation in 50 years time when they are all 75.

Which means that whilst being written from Manchester, London and a tiny Island with no postal service, we will also be trying to cast our minds far into the future. What will happen, where this story will end up or how it will even begin is any ones guess. But we hope that you’ll enjoy the ride…

Please comment, feedback or suggest narrative direction, we would love you to get involved or even throw in a page of your own to mix things up a bit!

Lots of Love,

A, B & G