Out and about!

Ok, heads up guys, in the near future you will find us at:

The Manchester Print Fair
September 25th 11am-5pm
Night&Day Cafe, Manchester

Camden Zinefest 2011
October 8th 1pm-6pm
The Pirate Castle, Camden

International postage

Hi guys!

Heads up, if you’re outside the UK about would like a print copy of any VK, can you drop us an email at wearevapid@gmail.com and we can sort out postage.

Salford Zine Library Film

We’re in a film! Talking about zines! And about Vapid!

It all started about a week ago when we got an email:

Hi Betsy and Anna,
i’m making a film about zines and self publishing. Could I come and interview you at some point, maybe at work in the studio or in bar/cafe.

It would be great to have you on board. The film will be shown at the Salford Art Gallery Exhibition and Philadelphia Zine Fair.

At the moment we are filming on 2nd to 6th September.

Kindest regards


Wait? You want to film us talking about ourselves and plugging Vapid? Awesome!

Cunningly disguising the fact that we don’t have a studio (but rather a combination of bar/skype/Anna’s living room), we agreed to meet in Solomon Grundy…*

So the film, it turns out, is a collection of self-publishers and zine makers, predominantly from the north-west (though some folks are sending in films from as far afield as Japan and Brazil), being interviewed and chatting about what they do, and why they do it, and who else’s work they like.

Now, if there’s one thing that Anna and I can do, and do well, its talk. And talk we did (apparently for about twice as long as anyone else). Goodtimes.

The film will apparently be shown around and about (Chicago, San Francisco, Brazil… Cardiff), there’s lots of interesting people who’ve already got involved and been interviewed, but Craig’s still on the look out for more people who self-publish/make zines in the northwest to be interviewed. If you’re interested, you can follow the linky-link to the Salford Zine Library blog. Winner.


*Should any eagle-eyed folks watch the film, you will note we’re not actually in Solomon Grundy, but in Fuel, apparently cheery background music was not the order of the day