VK3 is now available!

Hi Everyone!

Just to let you know that you can now buy VK3 as a pdf or a print version at the bottom of the page and buying it from our online shop!
(I may be a little bit overexcited)
Soon VK should be available in shops and we’ll let you know as soon as.
If you would prefer the Kindle version, follow this link!

Issue 4

Hopefully having seen previous editions of VK (hopefully) you liked it, perhaps you are thinking “I could do this, for I am an artist/writer/journalist/illustrator/maker/doer and I would like to contribute to the next issue of VK”, read on…

The theme for the next issue will be:

If you would like to submit a piece of creative writing, please attach it as a word file saved as your name and email it to us. Include a short biography about yourself in the email. Please note, the word limit for creative writing pieces is 500 words.

If you’d like to write us an article please email us with a short outline of what
you propose.

If you would like to produce some artwork or illustrations, please email us either with examples of what you would like to submit, or a proposal for the work you would like to produce.

If you have any questions, or a more unusual proposal please feel free to email us.

Important points
The final submission date for all work is the 31st March
All work should be emailed to: wearevapid@gmail.com

We will email everyone back, because we hate it when people don’t reply to us.


Just a quick entry to say all is well. There is a slight delay on the printing that means sadly VK3 was not able to be printed in time for the end of Jan. However we are nearly there now so hopefully it will be out very soon! Thankyou for everyones patience with this and we certainly hope it will run smoother next time.