Good afternoon,

The online checkout is now up and running hurrah! So you can now order VK online, issue two is currently still available but there aren’t many left so be quick if you want to get your mitts on one. The shopping cart is at the bottom of the page.
In other news we are road testing VK on the Kindle this week. We have it looking quite spiffy so far and with a few tweeks hopefully we will have a kindle version ready for sale along with the print edition.

Good Morning Kittens,

Issue Three is now very nearly complete and will be going to print in the the next couple of weeks. Exciting times! The online version will be published on the same day and hopefully by then the online checkout will be working well and it will be good times all round at Vapid Towers!
We would also like to thank all of the people that submitted to this issue we had some great work sent in. With a particular thanks to: Katie Slade with ‘Martin’
Maude Larke with ‘Diane’
Ruth Sabath Rosenthal with ‘Knit One, Purl Two’
Laura Lucas with ‘They Make Music’
All of whose work was selected for the craft issue.