We Are Vapid

Hello and Welcome to Vapid Kitten’s shiny new blog! As Vapid is now going digital we are pleased to get going on the old blogger. First up here’s a little introduction to who we are which is swiftly followed by a call for entries for the next edition…

The editors of ‘Vapid Kitten zine for the lazy feminist’ are currently looking for entries to the creative writing section of their next issue.

Vapid Kitten is published quarterly and this will be the third edition, which will be going to print in January. The ‘zine is used as a platform for commentary on modern society. This is done through with the often very whimsical and quirky contributions of various artists and writers. Vapid Kitten currently houses photography, articles and creative writing. However, following the success of the previous two issues they are looking to expand their creative writing feature. Each issue is written around a different theme. Issue one was on Feminism and issue two on Green Living; and the theme for issue three is Craft.

Submissions can be written in any format or style and should be based loosely upon the theme of craft. There is a maximum limit of 500 words. Submissions must be sent by midnight, 24th of December in a word document.

Please send all submissions, queries and comments to: wearevapid@gmail.com


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